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Produced by the Asian Heritage Society, a 501c3 IRS tax-exempt non-profit charity


Asian Heritage Society
Asian Heritage Awards

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Asian Heritage Awards 2014:
Dave Roberts, County Supervisor

2014 Planning Committee
Julio DeGuzman, chairman
Len Novarro
Rosalynn Carmen
Tri Nguyen
De Le
Julia Cheng
Christopher Dao
Louise Kelly
Dr. Lilly Cheng
Cicely Meng
Edward Tsai
Anthony Nguyen
Lindsey Masukawa
Tom O'Neill
Rose Davis
Anthony Vasquez
Ed Keyes

Rosalynn Carmen

Leonard Novarro

Best Public Health

Diversity Pioneer

Saving the Earth

Extreme Innovation


Best in Medicine

Len and Roz at U-T Radio Talking About Make It In America. Click  Here.

County Supervisor Dave Roberts, Named Asian Heritage Awards Gala Chairman

   San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts will serve as the Gala Chairman of the 2014 Asian Heritage Awards to be held Saturday, Nov. 22 at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido.
   The awards, in their eleventh year, celebrate Asian achievement in categories ranging from business to public health while honoring the legacy of Asian Americans.  Individuals and organizations  who  serve the Asian or Asian and Pacific Islander community here or abroad are also eligible
   Supervisor  Roberts represents District 3, which has one of the larger constituencies of Asian Americans, comprising 19 percent of the county’s population.
   “’Visionary’ and ‘leadership’ are the two best words I have to describe Dave Roberts,” said Rosalyn Carmen, president of the Asian Heritage Society, which has produced the award-winning event and celebration since 2004. Referring to Roberts, she said, “He recognizes and empathizes with our mission to empower the community and recognize Asian American  contributions  to the business of San Diego County, thei r cultural value and the entrepreneurial spirit that has ties to both worlds. That is how you bring talent and investment to the community.”....Whole Story

The Asian Heritage Awards, help us make a different! from Rosalynn Carmen on Vimeo.

Best in Business Enterprise

Saving Tradition

Best in Opportunity

Best of Entrepreneurship

The Asian Heritage Awards is produced by Asian Heritage Society...

    The annual Asian Heritage Awards is produced by the Asian Heritage Society, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation, founded in 2005 to preserve the legacy of Asian Americans and develop tomorrow’s leaders by advancing their prospects for success. AHS  promotes understanding between cultures, recognizes the achievements of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans through the annual Asian Heritage Awards and helps young people prepare for their futures through its BOOSTEM program.  Asia Media America is the media arm detailing the work of the Asian Heritage Society and its programs while it informs readers about major changes in science, technology and business and recognizes  the relationship between Asia and the United States in all its ramifications. The Asian Heritage Society also produces Make It In America as a means taking back our economy.       Globalization and its result – outsourcing – need to be challenged by a reinvigorated model of Freedom and Opportunity that made this country great.  Nov. 19, 2014 is the first – and most important – step in that challenge.
    Globalization also means recognizing the increased health threats that come with it. AIDS has killed twice as many people as the influenza pandemic of 1919. The toll continues, global travel increases the risk, and victims are changing. They are youngsters in cultures where the disease and sex is not discussed. Renoo’s Ranch  is a place they can go to reclaim their lives and rebuild their hopes and dreams.


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