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    Rosalynn Carmen, award-winning photographer and president of the Asian Heritage Society, took the cumulative experience of simultaneously producing four radio shows and channeled it into co-founding the first English language pan-Asian publication in Southern California – ASIA, The Journal of Culture & Commerce. Under her leadership, the publication, beginning in 2002, was the first Asian American publication in California to report on the Asian American community of San Diego and its achievers and received more honors than any other ethnic-centric publication in San Diego, including awards in photography and design. The Asian Heritage Awards, which she co-founded in 2004, has been recognized by the White House, U.S. Congress, the California Legislature, San Diego County and the San Diego City Council as an important force in bringing together the diverse ethnicities that make up the Asian and Asian American communities of San Diego.

Her vision for The Asian Heritage Society, which she co-founded with Leonard  Novarro, has been a tool for a collaborative gathering of Asian-American talent to benefit all society. For their efforts in bringing together the Asian American community of San Diego, Ms. Carmen and Mr. Novarro were honored by the City of San Diego with its Human Relations Commission’s Diversity in the Media Award, the only Asian American organization so honored.

In 2011, she created the BOOST-STEM mentorship program as a vehicle to inspire middle school girls to careers in science and technology and how they may combine that with entrepreneurial skills as they prepare for the future in a fast-changing global landscape.

Rosalynn Carmen has held the belief that America as the best place to create, innovate and do business. It was this belief that inspired  her to create Make It In America, a gathering of innovators and entrepreneurs from San Diego and overseas to collaborate on creating new jobs to match growing technological change. “For 200 years America has taught the world how to build things and build them cheaper. We can wait for the standard of living and incomes in these countries to rise so that it’s less expensive to do it here again, or we can evolve to the next stage by building a platform that combines the diligence and tenacity of Asia and the freedom and creativity of America. That’s the paradigm shift we need.”

A grand mother from Rosalynn Carmen on Vimeo.

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