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Asian Heritage Society Honors Julia Cheng
With Commendation

    Julia Cheng emerged from China’s Cultural Revolution a survivor, and that was enough  to set her on the path to success later in life. As a result, her accomplishments have  been awarded and her work lauded in the U.S. and abroad. And tonight she will be awarded with a special commendation noting her years of service to the Asian Heritage Society and the Asian Heritage Awards.
    “Ever since we met her more than 12 years ago,” she has worked tirelessly behind  the scenes supporting many community projects and has always been with us every step of the way, from the founding of the newspaper ASIA, the Journal of  Culture & Commerce, to the beginning of the Asian Heritage Society and to the  launch of the first Asian Heritage Awards,” said Leonard Novarro, board chairman of the Society. “As a member and later as an adviser to the Board of the Asian Heritage Society,  she has advised, shared ideas, and introduced is to the different members of the  wide-ranging Asian community in San Diego,” added Rosalynn Carmen, Society president.
    Cheng has volunteered for many organizations in the Asian community, among them  Asian Business Association,  the Asian Film Festival, several  Chinese  organizations  and has been part of a charity organization to contribute one  million meals to starving children in third world countries.  She also spearheaded the first  Asian Heritage Festival in San Diego, in 2002, when the county official proclaimed the May as Asian Heritage month.
    Before coming to the U.S., Cheng was separated from her parents, who became  victims of the country’s political movement against what were seen as  intellectuals. “The first thing in your life, you have to be sure you survive,”  she said. “The second stage of your life you can dream and achieve your goal. ”
    Julia was admitted to UCSD as a foreign student major in physiology in 1980. Working odd jobs, including cleaning homes, she settled in San Diego, had a daughter  and went on  to earn her master’s degree in business administration from SDSU. In 1990, she went to work for the California Land Use Institute as a financial analyst,  ater joining Prudential Financial as a financial planner. After working for Prudential for 20 years, she started her own firm, Julia  Cheng Wealth Management and Estate Planning Inc. in San Diego,  specializing in a wide range of financial opportunities.

    With a background that includes completion of an executive study program from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, she continues to provide advice at all levels, low-income to corporate CEOs.

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